1. myidealhome:

    Don’t Reblog often… But

  2. Need!!!! Vintage Rolleiflex TLR camera

  3. Want!

    Lubitel Universal 166+ TLR camera

  4. Also want!

    Black Bird Fly TLR camera

  5. milkstudios:

    Death & Co

  6. myidealhome:

    • peaceful farm in Vermont (via freshome)

  7. My submission for the Urbanoutfitters “My Tee Shirt Is All That” design contest

  8. This room is the perfect representation of my personal style and asthetic. I have never wanted a space to be mine, more than this one. I can stare at this photo for hours. 

    (via d3signtherapy)

  9. I have to have this Indian Motorcycle Co. Chief Bomber motorcycle. Right now its my favorite bike. All I see are Harley Davidsons on the road. Only if more people knew of this company. 

    What is your favorite bike and why?

  10. remash:

    sand rez | kitchen/dining ~ sand studios

  13. nitavonteese:

    Black America

    I don’t see this as a piece that celebrates America being a nation of strength and lead by a black president. I see this piece representing a dark America, the anti-America, the opposite of what our founding fathers envisioned. This is a tainted and spoiled America, the burnt remains of what once was a great nation. Only thing left to do is burn it down and rebuild from scratch.

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  14. "…take up your cross and follow me."

  15. "seek ye first the kingdom of god…"